spiderman helvetica print by rene mambembe
In this fontastic alphabet, J stands for James…James Bond? I’m in. Especially since I is for Iron Man.

I just love the way Helvetica is used to depict some of my favorite superheroes and famous characters, and wow, how great would they be in a cool kid’s room?

Helvetica, My Hero is a typography project by French design student Rene Mambembe. Each letter of the alphabet is depicted as a famous character from comics or film using what’s essentially the most simplistic and well-known of fonts: Helvetica. And yet each character has such…character.

As they’re superheroes or movie villains, a disproportionate number of the letters are dudes. I’m counting only four girls, one of which is this adorable Q for Harley Quinn. But the heroes covered are still some of my favorites, from current Avenging poster boys like Thor, the Hulk, Spiderman and Captain America, to an adorable Nightcrawler from the X-Men, to Leonardo (the turtle) and even…the big V.
Several of the images are available as posters, prints, cards, or on wrapped canvas from FotoMoto, although the prices seem a little steep. Still, we’re digging the eye-candy. And it’s nice to see Helvetica getting a little love. Delilah

Find Helvetica, My Hero on Behance. Images that are available as prints are marked “Buy Print” in the lower right-hand corner.

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