Tenzi dice game
If you’re a Yahtzee fan, but your kids aren’t quite old enough to keep track of it all–or you just have trouble keeping track of those darn pads–you’ll probably love this awesome new dice game, Tenzi. Plus, it’s from a cool little company and I always love supporting the small gamemakers when they come up with something this fun.

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Don’t be betrayed by the simplicity of Tenzi–my kids and I ended up playing for a good hour. Essentially there are
four sets each of 10 colored dice. The basic game requires you to be
the player to roll ten matching dice, Yahtzee style. But there are
variations that keep it interesting for kids of any age. It was nice
that my five year-old didn’t feel “too young to win,” and I loved
watching her get better and better at identifying the difference between
a 4 and a 5.

Considering all you need is a big enough flat
surface for 20-40 dice and the actual dice, it’s a fun compact road trip
game or good to kill a little time on rainy days. Just don’t lose the
dice; which may in fact be the most challenging part. Liz

Learn more about Tenzi on their website or find it on our affiliate Amazon for under $15. And dear Lord, please ignore the “$45 list price” mentioned. Whoever wrote that is smoking something.

Congratulations to Jessica M for winning our Tenzi contest.  Let the good times roll!

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