Kids' Ben Franklin tee
My oldest is a budding scientist. He looks up to Ben Franklin the way most people look up to rock stars. For a while, said son was sporting a tri-corn hat to really perfect his Franklin look. That kind of got in the way, and frankly, wool is pretty darn hot. Thankfully for both of us, we have found a different way to share the love.

This sweet kids’ t-shirt by Okllo sports Ben Franklin in all of his glory. His hair is down and the bifocals are on. They’ve included one of my favorite Franklin quotes of all times: “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.” The coolest part is that the shirt is a raglan tee, so it looks all sporty and even has Franklin’s signature on the back. 
My son is playing on the coolest team in the world. Now if only they would make that shirt in my size. Rock on, my founding fathers! -Eva
The Ben Franklin shirt is available on Okllo (but my son is wearing his today!)

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