Kids' robot backpacks
It’s 2012, and we still don’t have our jet packs, hovercars, and personal house-cleaning robots. But we have found that robot backpacks are super hot, so we’ve rounded up a fantastic collection of the very best ones, to keep your kid company at school.

And no, they do not do homework.

Alexander the Robot Backpack is a structured bag sized for ages 5 to 10, with plenty of space for lunch, homework folders, and those old-fashioned “book” thingies. He’s free of PVC, lead, pthalates, and Daleks and is available from one of our favorite little labels, Beatrix NY.

Alexander’s twin sister, Svenja the Girl Robot backpack, also from Beatrix NY, is equally cute and just as talented. She’s slightly smaller, without those side pockets, and crafted for preschoolers who aren’t lugging textbooks yet.  You can find her on a girl robot lunchbox too, exclusively at Giggle.
The Robbie the Robot backpack with a pale pink linking is just right for a smaller kid who doesn’t need a folder-sized pack. At 10″ square, this coated cotton rucksack is perfect for a preschool lunch and show and tell. Especially if it’s an R2D2 figurine. Find it at Alex and Alexa.
I love the happy look of this 100% cotton robot backpack by Stephen Joseph, which is perfectly toddler-sized with lots of adorable details. Judging by the unpadded straps and drawstring, this one’s probably best suited for daycare, pre-K, and spending the night with the grands.
With plenty of room for notebooks and lunch boxes, this Retro Robot Zippee Backpack at Cattiwampus is perfect for kindergarten or first grade and will definitely stand out from the ubiquitous Avengers packs this year. It’s made of durable nylon canvas, with extra-large zippers and a carabiner for attaching all those doodads the kids dig.
The sophisticated looking Grey Robot toddler backpack from CMP fave SoYoung Mother is a two-for-one: it may seem pricey, but it comes with a slick detachable lunchbox that can clip right onto the back. It’s amazingly well made out of a gorgeous coated linen, and considering the thick wipeable inner lining, you’re not going to end up with inner spills (WD-40 or otherwise) making an outer mess. It also includes 2 insulated bottle pockets.

This is also the one our editor Liz’s daughter claimed for her own this year. She has great taste, if you ask me.


For more great preschool backpacks and big kid backpacks, check our back to school shopping guide!

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