When I returned to work after my oldest was born, I felt fortunate that I was often able to slip home or bring her with me to breastfeed because, I’ll be honest, pumping at work made me a little nervous. I could barely use a breast pump at home, let alone in my office. 

Too bad I didn’t have this cool kit that might have given me the extra breastfeeding support I would have really appreciated as a new nursing mom headed back to work. 

Milk it Kit Breastfeeding survival kit for pumping moms

The Milk It Kit is a back to work survival kit for breastfeeding moms to help make the transition back easier, and if you’ve ever done it, then you know how hard it can be. This thoughtful gift is full of little extras that can help make the sometimes challenging pumping at work situation much easier, with office door or bathroom door hangers (heh), encouraging stickers, and perhaps my favorite, the funny breastmilk bag labels, like “not for lattes.”  
Milk it Kit breastfeeding labels
Of course, not all pumping moms have the convenience of a quiet office to do their business, and while I personally appreciate the sentiment of the kit, I can see where some moms might think it’s a little over the top. But given how nervous I was when I went back to work, I’m pretty sure something like this would have made those regular pumping sessions much more entertaining. -Kristen

You can purchase the Milk It Kit on their website. And for more cool breastfeeding picks check out our archives! 

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