Baby Elephant Shoes | Livie and Luca
When my daughter was a toddler, she suffered from a malady we called “foot claustrophobia”. Wrangling a pair of shoes onto that squirming, hyperventilating child was an exercise in futility, until we found a pair that had a high “distraction” factor–a butterfly sewn on the shoe, right where she could see it. Much as it helped, that insect wasn’t even close to the cuteness level of these.

The new pink/red Baby Elephant shoes from longtime CMP fave Livie and Luca
are a bright fresh take on their popular Brown Elephants. These sassy
pachyderms will steal your child’s heart (and focus), while you are
ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the handmade craftsmanship, the comfy padded
collar, and the super lightweight  but very durable wear. And with sizes
0-24 months, you can keep up the cuteness for two whole years.

fact, they’re so cute that my now 8-year old daughter just peeked over
my shoulder at the photograph, completely distracted from her extremely
important 8-year old endeavors.  That’s some serious cute, people.Shari, our newest coolest contributor. Yay!

You can find handmade baby and children’s shoes online at Livie and Luca.

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