Rocketship kids' growth charts | Milk Moon KidsWhen I was a kid, instead of a growth chart, my parents measured us old-school style on the doorframe between the kitchen and the dining room. Quaint they were, but old-school doorway measurements had their
drawbacks. Before my folks eventually painted over our milestones, they
transferred the data to a wooden stick, but who knows where that ended
up in the Land of the Lost Basement.

 This is one of the reasons I love
the new trend of growth charts that you can hang up anywhere.

A perfect example: this space-themed children’s growth chart at Milk Moon Kids is a total winner. First, it’s made out of canvas, so it’s built to last. Second, the adorable and fun graphics that Milk Moon is known for are guaranteed to liven up just about any family-friendly space. And for a few extra dollars, you can  personalize your growth chart as well.

All told, it’s a great value for $50 or under as a wonderful keepsake for your own kids, or a perfect gift for a new baby, a gift that will be treasured to infinity and beyond. In fact, When junior
becomes a senior, just pack up the chart and store it as a keepsake for
the future. Trust me, you’ll want to.  Stephanie M

Find the galactic growth chart and more exciting, eclectic designs at Milk Moon Kids.