Apple Apple by The Harmonica Pocket
When I was pregnant with my first child, my neighbor gave me a cassette tape full of traditional kids’ songs, and I thought, This is what I’ll have to listen to when I have a baby? Interesting.

And then I sobbed. Maybe a little.

This could be one reason why I get so excited when I hear bands like The Harmonica Pocket, who create the kind of unique music I want my children to surround themselves with as they get started in this world. And their new CD is one you’ll want to pick.

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Apple Apple, the second CD from the The Harmonica Pocket, is refreshing to hear because so much of it is written for especially young kids who are just learning about the world–and the many words–around them. 

With songs like Monkey Love (featuring Caspar Babypants), Little Little Baby, and the title song Apple Apple, you’ll hear toddler-friendly lyrics that may not have you pondering the meaning of life, but are so much fun to sing along with before dinnertime. Clever rhymes and lyrics will have your littlest ones counting by fives, or delightedly turning the word banana over in their mouth as if it were a sentence and not three syllables. 

There’s much depth here, though, too: Afraid of Heights touches upon a common fear that I know all too well. And Waiting Always Takes a Long Time deals with the difficult concept of patience in a way that younger minds can grasp.

And what makes the 14 songs on Apple Apple so appealing to both little and big ears are the interesting musical arrangements and gorgeous voices of Keeth Monta Apgar and Nala Walla, who create a kind of nouveau-folk sound. Their music comes together especially beautifully in the slow, reggae-esque Happy Mother’s Daywhich is a perfect song for any day of the year.
The CD’s last few songs are less singsong-y, with cool guitars, sultry saxophones, and more mature lyrics that sound like a long love letter sung to our babies. Kids’ music? Yes, but oh, so much more too. Christina

Purchase a hard copy or download Apple Apple from The Harmonica Pocket from CD Baby.

EXTRA COOL: WIN IT! We have a copy of Apple Apple to give to one U.S. reader who sends us an email to by midnight PT with APPLE APPLE in the subject line. Also, include the name of song #2, which features a very special superhero. 

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