Browsing through our archives for cool Halloween ideas, I came across this old link to a post highlighting a recipe for super spooky eyeball Jell-O shots. Non-alcoholic for the kids, of course. Poking around the site, turns out there’s a ton more great ideas for any upcoming Halloween parties you might have on the calendar.

Skull jello shots | Jelly Shot Test Kitchen

At Jelly Shot Test Kitchen,
the updates are now few and far between but the recipe archive is still
quite good. Do some searching and you’ll find recipes like Candy Corn Jello and Polyjuice Potion
made with gingerale, pineapple and lime, and topped with gummy worms.

If you want something more uh…potent, there are plenty of boozy
recipes too like these cool Gumball Jelly Shots made in a skull ice cube tray–though surely you can skip the booze and just use the tray idea.

Candy Corn Jello Shots | Jelly Shot Test Kitchen

Jello shot Halloween recipe | Jelly Shot Test Kitchen

course some of the recipes do require tools like flexible silicon molds and mini loaf
pans, so it’s probably not a beginner project. But whoa, the results
look totally worth a trip to the kitchen store. –Liz

Find very cool gelatin recipes for Halloween and beyond, online at Jelly Shot Test Kitchen,