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I know it’s just a matter of time. Soon, my kids will be bringing home school craft projects made with fading leaves, twigs and pinecones. But I refuse to abandon the bright, bold colors I love just because we’ve officially hit fall. That’s why I love this supersimple DIY kids’ craft that even I can pull off.

This craft tutorial for bright paper ornaments takes nothing more than paper, scissors, glue, and some string
for hanging. Think snowflakes, only round. Considering how excited my five-year-old gets about wielding her own scissors these days, a project like this will be a special treat. And it doesn’t even have a drop of sugar. Bonus!

Just make sure to have the robotic vacuum ready for all those little pieces that will go everywhere. –Liz

Find the
paper ornament DIY craft tutorial at beautiful Dutch design blog ing-things.

[h/t kidsdinge on pinterest]

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