Violin Felt handbag | krukrustudio
It’s no secret that I have a handbag obsession. That’s pretty clear the second you walk into my closet. 

But these handcrafted beauties I found on Etsy are on a whole other level. And if you think this violin bag is amazing, just wait until you see the other ones.

Each amazing krukrustudio bag is designed by two Russian artisans and created completely by hand out of wool felt. And, wow, I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen anything like them. 

Dr. Who TARDIS felt handbag | krukrustudio

Reel-to-reel audio tape player felt handbag | krukrustudio
British telephone booth felt handbag | krukrustudio

Rubik's Cube felt handbag | krukrustudio
While they certainly look like works of art, these beautiful felt handbags are all completely functional. Talk about a conversation piece. -Kristen
You can purchase the amazing handmade felt handbags at krukrustudio on Etsy.

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