I do a whole lot of roleplaying with my daughter. Whether we’re reading books or playing dolls, my daughter assigns us our roles: “That’s you mommy, and that’s me!” She loves to picture herself in whatever imaginary world we visit. So imagine her elation when I presented her with a beautiful sketchbook–with a character customized to look just like her. I was already a big fan of the folks that created these wonderful personalized birthday books, and wow, they continue to impress.

personalized notebooks for kids

Paper Hat Press now creates personalized notebooks
and sketchbooks
 customized with your kid’s resemblance and name. So now little Caden’s notebook won’t be mixed up
with anyone else’s in class–especially not Caden G. or Caden R. (Hey, it happens.)
Personalized notebooks for kids
Just pick your design (I love the superheroes), then select the skin color, hair color and
length, and eye color that best resembles your child. And just in case your kiddo needs a little bit of extra validation, the inside page is boldly emblazoned in his or her name, so there’s no question who’s the owner of the book.

For under $10 (really!), this a great, inexpensive little gift idea
that will make your
little one or some other lucky kid feel extra special. –Stephanie M

Get started on your super custom notebook at Paper Hat Press.

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