Actually fashionable nursing covers. Really. Who wants to hide under a pink teddy bear blanket? Nobody over two years old, that’s who.

That’s why these chic, breathable nursing covers do at least quadruple duty and look like something you would actually wear on purpose.

Made of soft, light, wrinkle-resistant, shrink-resistant modal, the Dria Cover is surprisingly wearable for all four trimesters. Yeah, I said four, because the first nine months of babyhood always felt like an extension of the pregnancy to me. (Okay, so that’s like 6 trimester.)

While you’re pregnant, the loose fit works over a tank or tee as a chic maternity tunic. Then, when your little bundle arrives on the scene, it’s fantastic for covering up whatever needs covering up–whether you’re shy about what I called “floppytum,” dealing with C-section recovery, or just prefer some privacy while nursing. The cut is meant to be flattering to all sizes and can be belted, worn as a scarf, or used as a light cover-up.

And get this: the Dria Cover was designed to fit over a bucket car seat handle to keep baby dry and cozy, whether you’re blocking out the sun, the rain, or the cold. It can even fit over a stroller, and the fabric and cut provide just enough ventilation and light. Clever, right?
Dria for strollers!
Dria for buckets!
The Dria Cover is currently available in three stylish patterns in an uber-soft modal, with more limited editions on the way. Plus they come from sustainably harvested beechwood trees and crated with a neutral carbon footprint. Bonus: it’s cut and sewn in sunny San Diego. 
I’m impressed with a nursing cover. There. I said it. Don’t tell Twitter, or I’ll lose all my street cred. –Delilah
Find the Dria nursing cover at the Dria website. Get free shipping in October with code freeship12, and know that 5% of sales in October will go toward breast cancer research.

Update: Congratulations to Renee D!  She won a super-chic Dria cover.

EXTRA COOL: WIN IT! We have a Dria Cover in Oslo for one lucky CMP reader! To enter, simply email by midnight PST Sunday 10/14 with subject: DRIA and tells us which two colors are in the Newport pattern. We’ll randomly choose one winner. US only, please.