CMP has long adored Kiwi Industries for its super soft, US-made organic kids’ clothing–and we’ve always been partial adorable line of Sesame Street characters. So how excited are we to learn they’ve now given Elmo–and our kids!–some new friends to play with?
Organic Sesame Street kids' clothes | Kiwi Industries

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Kiwi Industries‘ interpretations of the Sesame Street characters are awesome: they’re vibrant, artsy-abstract yet totally recognizable. Here’s proof: my addicted-to-Cookie-Monster two-year-old went nuts when I showed him the new Cookie Monster sweater (pictured). And then he asked for an actual cookie…but that’s beside the point.

Like before, there’s still a lovable international touch. Some shirts feature characters’ names in different languages. To that, we say “hooray!” (also “yatta!” in Japanese and “opa!” in Greek). Lexi

Order soft and supercool Sesame Street clothes from Kiwi Industries. Use code CMKIWI20 and get 20% off through 10/19! 

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