Yo Gabba Gabba VansYo Gabba Gabba captured our indie-loving hearts from the beginning. But if I had to pick a favorite character, DJ Lance Rock would be up there. The polyester suit, the glasses, the big hair…and of course, those awesome orange shoes.

Vans featuring Yo Gabba Gabba
are the perfect pair. Vans has re-imagined the Heritage Throwback
(read: classic skater style) for the wee folk with DJ Lance’s
inspiration at the helm. The result? A party for your kid’s feet. The
orange color is poppin, the Gabba text is hip, and the shoe screams “YO
GABBA GABBA!” (Well not really, but it feels like it.)

This shoe
is so rad it even comes with its own video, which happens to be ridiculously awesome too. –Eva

DJ Lance Heritage Throwbacks are available at your local Vans store or on Vans.com. They are available in toddler sizes only right now, but bigger sizes are coming soon. Check out the entire Yo Gabba Gabba collection for more styles and sizes. And order them quickly! The fun will not last forever.