H+M/Unicef All for Children
We love shops like H+M which offer stylish but still affordable clothing–especially for our kids who we know won’t be wearing that pair of jeans for another six years. But we’re especially excited when we learn that the same shops are committing big time to sustainability and the lives of children in the countries where they operate and own factories. Because let’s be honest, in this economy, parents don’t want to have to to choose between great prices and stores with ethical manufacturing processes.

So yay for not having to choose!

All for Children | H+M and UNICEF

I am so delighted to learn about the All-For-Children collaboration between H+M and UNICEF.
The idea is that over the six years, in regions like India and
Bangladesh where cotton is harvested, the collaboration will improve the
lives of millions of children, with a zero-tolerance ban on child labor plus contributions to provide education, and access to health care and better nutrition.

There’s also a lot of improvement in their sustainable merchandising practices like water conservation and recycling, through partnerships with The Better Cotton Initiative. Who knew that H+M was the world’s #1 user of organic cotton worldwide?

the site and you’ll be impressed by the clear commitment to the
program, the strong partners, and the touching videos about efforts to
keep children out of cotton fields and in schools. I also really
appreciate seeing the actual H+M execs on video, speaking about it
directly and asking for feedback. That’s the kind of accountability I

All for Children | H+M

Also, it’s a really nice excuse to do some more fall shopping at H+M. In fact, shop the All for Children collection, which, while limited, will donate 25% directly to the program. 

That kids’ winter hat is just adorable, and I kind of want the faux fur jacket for myself. –Liz

Shop the All for Children collection at H+M, and learn more about the UNICEF collaboration on their site

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