The Trick or Freaks
Of all the scary things my kids might face on Halloween night, one thing looms most terrifying in their minds: the prospect of trick-or-treating at homes with no candy left to give. (Yes, First World Problems, I know.) Which is why this little Halloween tale is a true horror story to their young minds. 

The Trick or Freaks is a clever, independently printed little rhyming story with a mystery built into it: Who has taken all the Halloween candy? 

No, it’s not exactly Hitchcock, but hey, it’s just about as dark a story as I dare to read to my kids at night if I ever expect them to fall asleep.

The slightly twisted illustrations are perfect for kids who think they are too old for cutesy pictures. Said to have been inspired by the works of Tim Burton and Edward Gorey, the creepy-cool, scratchy-ink drawings also remind me of Jules Feiffer’s work in The Phantom Tollbooth.

Created by husband-wife team Tiffany Winget
and Darin Bennett, each booklet is handmade with a black vellum cover and craft paper pages. I love the heft of it–definitely something special to hold on to from year to year. 
And, as an extra treat, illustrator and musician Darin Bennett has recorded a free MP3 theme song to play in the background as you read the story in your best spooky voice. –Christina

The Trick or Freaks handmade Halloween book is available at this Etsy shop. Or, purchase it as a digital e-book for the Kindle or iPhone or iPad.


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