Etsy gift cards

In Italian, “Etsi, finalmente!” translates rather perfectly into, “Oh, yes, finally!” Which was pretty much my exact sentiment upon hearing that the famously uber-cool online marketplace Etsy is now offering gift cards, just in time for the holidays.

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Rejoice fellow Etsy fans, the site now offers a “Choose Your Own Adventure” Etsy gift card that can be emailed to a friend or printed out the old-fashioned way. I know I have a very soft spot in my heart for Etsy, having purchased a one-of-a-kind painting from an artist in Israel last year that I adore. And certainly this site is no stranger to the joys of supporting indie artists, especially around the holidays. So the thought of being able to give someone else such an experience makes me one happy lady indeed.

It’s so perfect for when you find that scarf shop you absolutely love, and you know your mother-in-law will love it too, but you’d rather her choose between the gold and the pink and get exactly what she wants. Plus it somehow feels more personal and considered than just some gift card to the nearest big box store.

Gift cards can be purchased in amounts of $25, $50, $100 and $250 and come in four fun designs. May picking the design be the hardest part of your shopping. –Shari

Purchase your Etsy gift card online at And if you you get one by November 14, you’ll be entered to win a $250 card of your very own!