poppy drops earrings alternativesSo you can probably guess what happened when my 8-year-old got her ears pierced, right? My two younger daughters freaked out and begged to get their ears pierced as well. Too bad I didn’t have these cute temporary tattoo earrings back then. 

The Poppy Drops temporary tattoo earrings are an adorable alternative to pierced ears. And while they look pretty realistic, they’re just applied with a bit of warm water and pressure: no needles involved. 
You’ll find all sorts of different styles for every different taste, all of which stay on very well. In fact, we’re going on two weeks here and my 4-year-old still has one attached to her tiny earlobe. And hey, if your little one already has her ears pierced, they work just as well on dolls’ ears too. Sweet!  -Kristen

You can purchase the Poppy Drops temporary tattoo earrings on their website. Their bundled sets make great party favors