The Girls' Ghost Hunting Guide by Stacey Graham
My tween is finally beyond the check-under-the-bed-for-monsters stage, and is now onto reading scary stories “for fun.” So once she hangs up her Halloween trick-or-treat bag for the night, I know she’ll enjoy digging into this smart and spooky guide that deals with all of those things that go bump in the night. 

The Girls’ Ghost Hunting Guide may look sweet and light—that ghost has eyelashes!—but don’t let the cover fool you. The content in this little guide is packed with loads of information for those interested in the paranormal. And some of it is spooky enough that I had to turn on a few extra lights in the house while reading.

In fact, I know my son would love the contents inside just as much as his sister, but I’m pretty certain the bright-pink-scalloped edging on the cover (and the eyelashed ghost) will scare him away.

Beginning with ghost history and covering everything from haunted objects to how to become an investigator, this is a fun little book to read bit-by-bit until every creak in the house starts to sound ominous. Although don’t fear: Some of the stories about real-life ghost hunters, strange apparitions, and even party games–like that perennial favorite Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board–are just plain fun and not too spooky. Besides, the book has such playful page graphics, colors, and even lettering which all work together to keep things from seeming too scary.

After all, we do want our girls to go to sleep at some point, right?  –Christina

Scare up a copy of The Girls’ Ghost Hunting Guide from our affiliate Amazon. And happy Halloween!

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