Global Compassion PosterMy kids are getting to an age when they’re understanding that there are big differences between the way we live and how families around the world live.It’s pretty tough these days, though, for a kid to feel like they can
make any kind of impact in a faraway country. Because, frankly, when you
only have a couple of dollars a week at your disposal, it’s going to
take a long time for it to add up to much.

The beautiful Global Compassion poster from Children Inspire Design might be just the answer our family is looking for.

world map poster for kids | children inspire design

Purchasing a signed, limited-edition poster for $40 means 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Future Fortified, a global nutrition campaign that provides essential nutrients to women and children around the world during the essential 1000 days from pregnancy to a child’s second birthday. 

That $40 provides a month’s worth of nutrients to 20 women and children living in Kenya. Pretty amazing. And pretty darn tangible for a kid who wants to help. 

But what I really love is that every time my kids look at it, they’ll be reminded that they helped nourish 20 very important people for an entire month. And maybe it will inspire them to keep wanting to do more. –Stephanie S.

Feed the world a one poster at a time with the Global Compassion poster at Children Inspire Design.