Recently we told you about the Inspiring Mom Awards, sponsored by Tea Collection, and now I’m so thrilled to let you know that after much (much!) deliberation it’s been narrowed down from 100 nominees to 9 finalists in 3 categories. And your vote can help 3 of them win $1000 toward charities of their choice–something we know a lot of mamas are thinking about these days.

Just read their brief stories–you’ll be inspired, trust me.

Inspiring Mom Awards: Mompreneur Finalists

Inspiring Mom Awards: Mompreneur Finalists

Congrats to the finalists of the Mompreneur category, which I judged with Giggle’s Ali Wing: Jackie Majerus of Connecticut, Amy Sue Nathan of Illinois, and Melissa Bilash of Pennsylvania. You are all huge winners already in my book.

As for the grand winner? That’s up to all of you. Make sure to vote in all three categories using the Facebook page and do some good for an awesome mom and a worthy charity.

Also…good luck to you voters, too. I’m kind of glad the final choice doesn’t come down to me! –Liz

Vote for the finalists in
the Mompreneur, Globe-Trotter, and Make a Difference Categories on Tea
Collection’s Facebook page today! Voting ends November 15. And huge
congrats to all nine finalists and the 110 nominees who all receive these beautiful Tea Collection note cards. I sure feel inspired by you all, already.

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