I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen enough red state outlines and blue state outlines to last me a lifetime. Today, I wanted to feature a message of unity–if there’s any to be found today–in this purple US map.


Custom purple USA wall map | Wall Art Shop

Maybe hanging one of these is on the walls is just wishful thinking for more conciliation, compromise, and just plain getting along to move the country forward for the next four years. We try not to get political on this site, and to respect the various views of a very wide readership. But I hope we can agree that less fighting is a decent place to start.

And hey, it’s pretty too. Who can resist chevrons these days?

One more thought: when you customize the map with little hearts to mark all the places you’ve visited, or your hometowns, or where all your cousins and grandparents live, we start to see the country a little more like it actually is. Take that, TV networks.  –Liz 

Find the custom purple US map online from Wall Art Shop at Etsy.

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