Veterans Day (Photo by Rusty Lantern)As a daughter of a veteran and a military spouse, Veterans Day isn’t just another Monday off from school. It’s when we take a moment to honor our own family members and others who have sacrificed so much for our safety and freedom.

If you’re looking to provide support to our troops and their families in honor of Veteran’s Day, here are 5 ways you can help today and on any day of the year. -Kristen


[vintage flag: rusty lantern]

1. Support a worthy cause

Support our troops for Veterans Day: Donate to Team Rubicon

Your monetary donation, no matter the size, can help provide services and support to military personnel and their families. We’re particularly fond of Team Rubicon, who utilizes the skills of war veterans to provide disaster aid and relief, like Hurricane Sandy. But charities like Homes for Our Troops and National Military Family Organization, just to name a couple, have an A+ on Charity Watch. 

2. Run a race 

Tough Mudder Wounded Warrior Project

With so many of you mamas hitting the pavement to train for all sorts of races, consider adding Tough Mudder to your list. Every dollar you raise will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project, plus you’ll have a blast completing all the military-like obstacles along the course. Warning: They call it a Tough Mudder for a reason. 

3. Buy them a cup of coffee. Or ten. 

Support our troops: Cup of Joe charity

For deployed service people, it can be the little things from home that make all the difference. For $2, you can buy a cup of coffee for a deployed service person, which they can enjoy at one of the many Green Beans Coffee shops on various bases around the world. Make sure to add a note of thanks that will be delivered to military personnel via email. 

4. Donate your old gadgets

Cell Phones for Soldiers

When my husband was deployed a few years ago, he told me how much he wished that he had brought his cell phone with him because the morale tents (where troops can use computers and land lines to call loved ones and family) were always full. If you’ve got an old cell phone just sitting in your junk drawer, consider donating it to organizations like Cell Phones for Soldiers, who use recycled cell phones to give free calling to military. 

5. Listen to their stories

Story Corps for Veterans

You’ve probably seen and heard some stories of our veterans through various media outlets, but StoryCorps allows them to record their own story themselves for everyone to hear. Whether you use one of the many amazing stories to start a discussion with your own family, or encourage a veteran you know to share yours, I think this is a wonderful way to honor their legacy. 

You can find more ways to show support for our troops on Veterans Day over on Cool Mom Tech. And a huge thank you to all our military and their families. 

Photo at top: Rustic American Flag by Rusty Lantern.