Sure, babies are cute and all. Still, sometimes a mama has to set her wee one down in a safe place so she can do something really exotic–like wash her face, or maybe flush a toilet. Quelle horreur! When they can’t crawl yet (oh, the luxury), those baby playmats sure do come in handy. Bonus points if they happen to be chic, fair-trade, organic cotton playmats designed in France.

Tapibebe Organic Baby Playmat | Zoë b Organic

Created by a pair of French sisters who were looking for a
comfortable, safe, modern design option for one of their own babies,
this delightful, interactive Organic Baby Playmat from Deuz is bright and satisfyingly bold.
With parent- and baby-pleasing clean lines, the two color-combinations
(supposedly boy and girl varieties) are pretty gender-neutral, if
you ask me.

The design is simple, but it’s clear just much thought and care went
into the creation of this little mat. Small wooden teething rings attach
and detach from multiple loops. The cover comes off and can be
machine-washed. The cotton is printed with non-toxic inks and made in India
with fair trade practices. 

Now obviously it’s not going to be the most inexpensive baby playmat in the world, nor will it be one that you can’t wait to donate after four months. New family heirloom perhaps? –Stephanie S.

The Organic Baby Playmat (and a few other lovelies from Deuz) are available in the U.S. at Zoë b Organic.

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