New custom Vans
We are really into shoes around these parts. It’s a great way for kids to express themselves, both at school and around town (or the skatepark, because somehow we always end up there). Up until now, mine have been borrowing my Sharpie to give their shoes some individual flair. Thankfully, there’s a better way to accomplish this thanks to our friends at Vans.

Look down at your shoes. Imagine if you could take each
panel and rock a paint by numbers for your feet, right down to the lacing eyelets. Heck, you can forgo lacing altogether and choose the
iconic slip-ons. Are you feeling bright or neutral? Silly or subdued?
The coolest part about these custom Vans is that you get to see everything while you work, so if you choose a color that
you don’t dig, keep going until you feel complete.

No permanent marker
involved. No couches stained.

Custom Vans shoes

Custom Vans

Custom Vans

These bad boys are just a wee
bit pricier than your average pair of kicks, but keep in mind that
these are made just for you, and only you, in sizes from toddler to
adult. You also need a bit of patience, as it takes about six weeks from
start to finish. So get on it now if you’ve got Christmas shoes on the brain. –Eva

Order your custom Vans online at They are even more awesome in person. And did you check out the Yo Gabba Gabba Vans collection? We are big fans.

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