I can’t be the only parent who’s swiped my kids’ squeezable fruit pouches. I love fruit so much, I could be a fruitarian with very little prompting. And now there’s a fruit pouch for us grown folks, with some decidedly grown-up flavors. Score!

GoGo squeeZ Fast Fruit

CMP favorite GoGo squeeZ has launched Fast Fruit, each with a full serving of 100% fruit in Apple-Peach-Passion Fruit, Apple-Mango-Pineapple-Banana, and Apple-Cranberry-Raspberry (I’m drooling just writing those flavors).

Each pack has a built-in straw (veddy adult, of course) and yes, the packages can be recycled. It’s also a great option for slightly older kids, because the portion size is a little bigger. One small issue: Fast Fruit’s 4.3 ounce size probably won’t make it through airport security, but it’s a great choice for car travel and basic snacking. 

And Fast Fruit helps us parents with a tendency to sneak our kids’ chocolate santas and candy canes. Any increase in dignity, however small, does help. –Shari 

Find GoGo squeeZ Fast Fruit at our affiliate Amazon, or at many grocery stores near you, including A&P and CVS.


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