The world of children’s music has come a long way, baby. I definitely grew up in simpler times, lying on my bedroom floor listening to record-album recordings of my favorite stories. While it’s incredible to have such diverse offerings for our kids today, there is something about that timeless, pure, old-school style of storytelling that I still have a soft spot for deep down.

Naturally I was thrilled when I discovered the new re-imagined Golden Records collection. Golden Records has revived the series which began way back in 1948 by music producer Arthur Shimkin, and is bringing it back to life with the help of his own son Tony.  The collection of new releases for preschoolers features richly orchestrated music and pairs it with impressive celebrity talent. With Golden Records: The Magic Continues, Celebrity Series Vol. 1, familiar celebs voice stories and songs we all know and love.

Busy Phillips. Alicia Silverstone, Ed Asner, Susan Sarandon and others take on classic stories like CinderellaThe Frog Prince andThe Little Engine That Could over digitally restored original recordings in a cheery and seamless presentation.

You just may find yourself beaming as you share this bit of your own innocent youth with your children. I know I did. And if you are looking for ways to cut back on screen time, then this is a wonderful alternative as a middle ground between music and book time.

A Very Merry Golden Records Christmas

With Christmas upon us, Golden Records has also got you covered with a wonderful collection of classic holiday songs and stories. This is your go to family holiday soundtrack to help set the vibe of cozy Christmases past.  A Very Merry Golden Records Christmas features Dermot Mulroney, John O’Hurley, Missi Pyle, Cheryl Hines, Wallace Shawn (inconceivable!) and many more. It really doesn’t get much better than Ed Asner’s reading of Twas The Night Before Christmas if you ask me.

All in all, if you are craving some of the old musical magic of simpler times, this series might be right up your alley.- Stephanie M

Pick up or download Golden Records: The Magic Continues, Celebrity Series Vol.1 and the festive A Very Merry Golden Records Christmas at our Amazon affiliate and set yourself up for that long drive over the river and through the woods.

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