It’s a tradition around our house that my kids give handmade gifts (made by their hands!) to their siblings and grandparents. But coming up with new ideas–especially ones that don’t require me to be the one doing all the work–can be a challenge.

If you love giving handmade gifts as much as we do–or want to start a tradition like our family’s–then here’s a plethora of cool and crafty gifts that your kids really can make themselves. Pinky swear.

For those of you with little artists, just imagine the possibilities with these DIY modern art plates. Perfect for young scribblers or budding Monets, these are simply gorgeous, and a wonderful keepsake too.

DIY Holiday Gifts Kids Can Make: Finger Loom Potholder

My oldest daughter, now 8, received a¬†potholder weaving loom¬†a couple of years ago. Thrilled, she made a bunch of gifts for her grandparents, as well as a purse for her little sister. I’ve had to help her finish them up after the weaving is done, but it’s such a sweet gift that my kids love making.

DIY Holiday Gifts Kids Can Make: Finger Knit Door Curtain with Bells

Did you ever learn how to finger knit? It’s the perfect activity for little kids who aren’t quite able to use knitting needles yet. Here’s a wonderful¬†DIY finger knitting tutorial¬†that you can easily turn into a scarf. Or if your little one is feeling extra adventurous, I love this¬†door curtain with bells.

DIY Holiday Gifts Kids Can Make: Cross-Stitch Necklaces

This year, my daughter made all her teachers one of these adorable¬†DIY cross stitch necklaces from Red Gate Stitchery. What I love is that they can be finished in one sitting. Plus you can’t beat that they’re under $15 (plus a discount code in our¬†Holiday Gift Guide).

DIY Holiday Gifts Kids Can Make: Beeswax Candles

Even your littler ones can get in on the action and make these lovely¬†DIY beeswax candles–if you’re the candlemaking type of course. But all you need is a couple of supplies and you’ve got a wonderful teacher gift. Just add some candlesticks to make it a little fancier.

DIY Holiday Gifts Kids Can Make: Yarn Ball Bookmarks

Pompoms can be a little messy, but they’re loads of fun to make. And you can turn them into all sorts of gifts, from sweet little shoe accessories and garlands, to simple¬†yarn ball bookmarks. Add a book and you’ve got the perfect gift for a friend or sibling.

DIY Holiday Gifts Kids Can Make: Button Rings

And while these pretty¬†handmade button rings¬†do require the use of a hot glue gun, they’re just too lovely not to include. I’ve found my older daughter is perfectly fine using it with supervision, but you know your own kids best. Either way, I can’t think of a cooler BFF gift or cool auntie’s gift from the kids.

For more cool handmade Christmas gifts, make sure to check our holiday gift guide for a huge round-up of yummy edible presents. Mmmm, truffles!