Hooray for the funniest holiday cards! Now, while of course we love those beautiful, sweet, sentimental holiday photo cards just like any other parents, we gotta say, sometimes we’re kind of thanking the universe for that one friend who isn’t afraid to send the card that makes you laugh. You know–the one with the subliminal drawing in Santa’s beard, or the fart joke involving reindeer.

Here, we’ve rounded up just a few of the funnier (but still fairly SFW/small children) Christmas and holiday cards online–and not one “ho” joke in the bunch. Trust us, that wasn’t easy. Liz + Delilah

Funny Holiday Card: Christmas Dinner Mocking

Christmas Dinner Card
($3.85 at Stuff Anna Loves)
Funny Holiday Card: I Touch My Elf
Naughty Santa Card

($5 at Sylvan Nest)

Funny Holiday Card: I Love You More Than Bacon (Even Though I'm Jewish)
Bacon Hanukkah Card
($11.65/6 at Silly Reggie)

Funny Holiday Card: Honey Badger Don't Care for Christmas
Honey Badger Card
($4 at Feb 10 Design)

Funny Holiday Card: Get Your Fat Pants
Fat Pants Card
($3.85 at Stuff Anna Loves)

Funny Holiday Card: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year Said No One Ever
Cynical Christmas Card
($3.50 at Fun Girls Cards)

Funny Holiday Card: Darth Vader
Darth Vader Card
($4.50 at Comrade Cards)

Funny Holiday Card: Dorky Holiday Card
Dorky Holiday Card

($15/10 at Old Tomfoolery)

Funny Holiday Card: Twelve Days of Christmas
Alternative 12 Days of Christmas Card

($4 at Laura George)

Funny Holiday Card: Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer

Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer Card
($5 at Piette Crafts)

Funny Holiday Card: Awkward Dinner Room
Holiday Dinner Card
($3 at Bipolar Betty)

Funny Holiday Card: Dr Dre-Del
Dr Dre Del
($11.65/6 at Silly Reggie)