Expensive plastic figurines? A Jedi craves not these things. Grab your lightsaber-shaped crochet hook and get busy creating your own galaxy of bite-sized Jedi, Rebels, Empire, and, well, giant squid guys.

Trust us– it’s not a trap.

The Force is with these guys!

You know we love it when geekery and crafting come together, and we’re big fans of the adorable Star Wars amigurami in this set of PDFs from lucyravenscar on Etsy. For $37, you receive complete instructions to make 14 different characters, each about four inches tall. All you need are yarn, stuffing, eyeballs, a tapestry needle, and a crochet hook. No advanced Jedi skills required (but you should be able to crochet).

Jedi amigurami ahoy!
This is the crochet droid you're looking for.
If you love amigurami but not Star Wars, check out the other stuff in her shop, including PDFs for Adventure Time, animals, and wizards. 
How cute would these guys look in tiny Santa hats, strung up on the Christmas tree? You could even make Obi Wan with a white beard and red robe and… I’m getting close to Star Wars blasphemy, aren’t I? –Delilah 

Download the PDFs with instructions for crocheting adorable Star Wars amigurami at lucyravenscar on Etsy. Some characters are also available for individual sale.