Tips for traveling with kidsOne of our readers’ most common questions: what are your best tips for surviving travel with kids? We’re here to oblige! So we’ve rounded up our tried-and-true favorite picks
for keeping junior travelers in great spirits. From day trip to 12-hour
road trip to the ever-popular “What were we thinking?” international
flights, these are the items we’ve found will keep everybody sane and happy this season.

{Keep reading for some of the best-ever tips for travel with kids!}

We’re thrilled to be partnering with Brita to bring you this post. Their new Brita Bottle for Kids is a huge parent fave (including ours!) and makes drinking more water on the road so much easier.

Mmmm, snacks

Our number one rule always, is that you can’t hit the road with kids without plenty to eat and drink. In fact, nomming is considered a
highlight activity for our own little travelers. Here are some of our favorite picks for
healthy goodies that will help balance out the holiday cookies and candy
rush. These snacks are safe, low-mess options for car, and some of them work
just fine for plane rides, too.

Travel Tips: Snacks on the Go for Kids

Keep them busy
much as we love another round of the Alphabet Game, it’s smart to give kids all sorts of travel games and activities, from old-fashioned car games modern technology, to keep them occupied for the long road ahead. Can you avoid the dreaded “Are
we there yet” with them? You can sure try.

Travel Tips: Car Games for Kids

Music to our ears 
no better way to drown out the backseat bickering than with a few
catchy traveling tunes. Whether it’s kid-friendly grownup music and
Grammy-nominated kindie rock bands, or a few classic audio books
everyone will enjoy, load up your MP3 player, grab a few sets of
headphones and turn up the volume. 

Travel Tips: Audio Books and Music for Kids

Keep ’em comfy
these cozy, comfy gadgets and gear, the engine vibration might just be
enough to lull your kiddos right to sleep. And these picks won’t take up a ton of room in your
car either. Just hope you don’t hit any red lights–or empty gas tanks.
Travel Tips: Neck Pillows and Blankets for Kids

Thanks so much to our sponsor, the Brita Bottle for Kids who asked us to put together these hopefully helpful ideas. Also, thanks to them for helping teach our kids to learn to love water. Learn more here.