Like probably all of you, we are completely overwhelmed with sadness about the Sandy Hook Elementary school shootings that happened this morning in Newtown, Connecticut.

Along with our thoughts that are with the families affected by this tragedy, and we’ll be honest, our desire to run and scoop up our own children from school, we’re struggling with how we even begin to explain something like this to them.

Thankfully, Katherine Stone, mom and founder of Post Partum Progress shared helpful information with us that we wanted you to know about, including the’s resource helping your children manage distress in the aftermath of a shooting and an extensive list of resources to help parents, children and others cope in the aftermath of school shootings at the AAP.

[note: this link is updated to the AAP link here; as well as this llst of teacher resources that are also good for parents.]

Here’s hoping these help you as much as we know they’ll help us. Hug your children close today, mamas. -Liz, Kristen, and Team Cool Mom Picks 

{Photo via Joom on Etsy}