I am definitely not one for gimmicky baby and new mom products that you really don’t need. That’s probably why you don’t see a lot of stroller accessories on here, or stuff like the dreaded wipes warmer. (Sorry to those of you who love them.) But in this case, I kind of fell hard for a dandy stroller accessory that I wish I had had when my kiddos were babies.

The WarmMuffs from one of our favorite little baby brands, 7 A.M. Enfant, are pretty genius if you live anywhere the temperature likes to drop below 32F. These ultra luxe, fuzzy, comfy as all-get-out gloves are actually not gloves at all; they’re muffs you strap to your stroller bars. (Thus, the name.)

On the outside, they’re shiny and pretty and water-repellent. Inside, they are so warm and cozy I kind of wish they were gloves. But what’s nice is that unlike gloves, they give your fingers more wiggle room–and really, the security of knowing you’re grasping the stroller handles directly, and not through a pair of slippery gloves.

7 AM Enfant WarmMuffs

On top of that, they come in three colors to match your Polar Igloo bag, should you be investing in a really warm stroller sac for the season. Or for a little less–and a little less cold–you can grab the WarmMuffs 500 which are lined with polar fleece instead of faux fur, but still look pretty swanky.

Are they going on your newborn essentials list? Of course not. But are they awesome? Yes. They’d have been on my registry for sure. –Liz

Find 3 styles of WarmMuffs from 7 AM Enfant

Congratulations to Dana L. and Jeannie S., winners of our WarmMuffs contest!


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