As we do our best to get back to some sense of normalcy today here on Cool Mom Picks after the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, we wanted to share some of the lovely online responses and tributes to the families of Newtown, Connecticut that we’ve read around the web.

We hope they touch you as much as they did us, and help you cope and carry on as best you can after something like this.

A round-up of reactions about Sandy Hook from various parents on Twitter, including our Editor Liz.

A wonderful essay about how we as parents can live in this world as tragedies happen all around us every day.

Here’s our own round-up of helpful resources for talking to kids about school shootings, if you so choose.

If you’re wondering if you should talk to your kids about yesterday’s tragedy, mom and therapist Kristen Howerton offers 5 things to consider before you talk to your kids about Sandy Hook.

Our Editor Kristen shares how Sandy Hook has affected her own parenting, and how we can honor the families who lost loved ones.

Here’s an address if you’d like to send letters of support or sympathy cards directly to Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Late addition: Beautiful and helpful column in the Times by KJ DellAntonia on what to say and what not to say to your children.

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