By my calculations, we still have another two weeks or so to get our New Year’s cards out. Now not only does sending New Year’s cards buy us a little more time (and often some nifty sale prices), it avoids that question of what your diverse roster of friends and family might be celebrating.

Custom New Year's photo card | In Or Out Media

From custom photo cards to fancy letterpress and DIY printables, here are some standout New Year’s cards from talented artists on Etsy–cards that I’d love to open a week or so into January, when Christmas cards suddenly seem kind of old. –Liz

Custom New Year’s Photo Card
($18/10 with bulk discounts or $9 for a DIY template, In Or Out Media. )

Custom Chalkboard New Year's card | Frank and Frida
Custom Chalkboard New Year’s Card
($11 for printable template, Frank and Frida)

2013 kraft paper card | Paper Papel Papier
Eco-Friendly 2013 Card
(?3, Paper Papel Papier)

New Year's Eve letterpress card | Hello Lucky
New Year’s Eve Letterpress Cards
($15/6, Hello Lucky)

Bike and stars New Year's card | Rachel Ink
New Year’s Bike and Stars Card
($3, Rachel Ink; order 25+ and have a custom message printed inside)

Kraft paper New Year's photo card | In or Out Media
Custom Kraft Paper New Year’s Card
($22/10 with bulk discounts, In Or Out Media)

Letterpress champagne glass card | Foglio Press
Champagne Glass Letterpress New Year Cards
($20/6, Foglio Press)

Antique New Year's cards | boxes by brkr
Digital Download of 32 Antique New Year’s Cards
($3.50/PDF, Boxes by Brkr)

Peace card | Snow and Ivy
Peace Card
($22/12, Snow and Ivy)