I love the idea of using this first day of the year to reflect back on 2012 by creating a keepsake that we’ll be able to look back at someday. And when the idea is as easy as this one, I know I may even be able to handle pulling it all together even after staying up past midnight.

This Time Capsule idea is so great because it uses an empty 2-liter bottle of soda (which we have plenty of after the holidays), a couple of free printables, and then whatever other little things you want to add to personalize your time capsule. Depending on your energy level and interest (and the amount of Auld Lang Syne still in your system), you could really have fun coming up with ways to personalize this for your family.

Starting with the printable sheet called Important Things About Me in 2012, older kids can get to work adding in their favorite books, names of best friends, and their favorite place to visit while younger kids can dictate their own.

I hope my son gets a laugh someday at seeing his Three Favorite Foods documented as “chicken fingers, chicken fingers, and chicken fingers.”

I also love the idea of measuring out height using a ribbon, and including traced pictures of their handprints. I’m sure my kids will have no shortage of things they’d like to add, though I’ll have to remind them that what goes in there will have to stay for a while. Hmmmm….think they’ll want to shove all of Barbie’s shoes in there? Christina

Check out  by Come Together Kids, for the printable Time Capsule idea and printables. And happy new year!