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What can destroy the yearly family photo calendar, ruin the shoulder of your holiday sweater, and repel grandmothers in a single bound? Answer: It’s the little kid with the green snot waterfall and the gnarly red snot rash.

And that, dear friends, was my kid this year.

Luckily, we found two new products that work together to stop this problem and make that adorable kid kissable again.

It’s no secret we love MD Moms, and now I love these two new products too. The Baby Silk Dry Skin Rescue Cream is formulated to relieve dry, itchy, sensitive skin that’s prone to allergies and hey, that’s just what it does. Let me tell you, it’s the only thing I can put on my son’s ouchy snot rash without him running away and screaming.

A little bit goes a long way, and it soothes the rash for my son and helps him look a little more presentable by toning down the redness. I even used it myself when I accidentally earned a few cuts doing holiday dishes. The cream sinks in well, isn’t greasy, and makes both happy and angry skin feel much nicer. There’s also zero smell and none of those yucky chemicals we always try to avoid, for our sake and yours.

If you’re also spending the winter attacking caked on snot and blowing little red noses, the Baby Silk Gentle All Over Clean fragrance free cleansing towelettes, or “cozy wipes” as my kids took to calling them, are just the thing. They’re approved by the National Eczema Association (a big deal for me) and are, quite honestly, the most gentle wipes I’ve ever used.

With a focus on marine silk, antioxidants, organic aloe, comfrey, and chamomile, they don’t have any alcohol or yucky chemicals. I’ve used them for fresh snot, overnight snot, cleaning off my hands after a trip to the barn, cleaning off my face when I was too tired to remove my makeup, and even jelly and butter removal after a rowdy breakfast. Not that I would waste them for that ordinarily, but it was a good torture test.

They even say it’s sensitive enough for all the cheeks on a newborn. Heh. –Delilah

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