Starbucks reusable cups!
As someone who has greatly increased my Starbucks consumption as of late, I was thrilled to hear the news that this week, they introduced $1 reusable cups to help cut down all that paper waste.

Starbucks is definitely on a roll with it’s good-global-citizens business practices, and their environmental goals
only add to that. Sadly though, they recently modified these goals which were
originally to see 25% of all their beverages served in reusable cups by
2015. Now that number is 5%–it would seem that most customers are just
not ready to commit.

Still, for those of us frequent visitors who
can keep a cup at our desk, or in our car, it would be nice to give it a
shot. (No pun intended.) And paying just a buck for that grande sized
cup may help. Especially considering you get a $.10 discount every time
you use it (as with all reusable cups), so the cup pays for itself pretty quickly.

yet: Bring it in and the baristas will personally clean it out for you
first with boiling water, taking away that (very big) excuse.

I know behavior changes like
this can be hard–for me especially. But heck, I think of all the people
I’ve seen shelling out upwards of $10 for some crappy “collectors cup” at a
circus, ballpark, or Broadway show and I think, maybe there’s hope.  –Liz

Can you make the leap to refillable cups for your mocha soy latte? Or does it seem like too much of a hassle? We’d love to know.


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