Downton Abbey tote bagIt may be so very middle-class, but as a Downton Abbey addict, I’m so happy to see that season 3 is kicking off tonight–and along with it, some awesome Downton Abbey goodies on sale at

For a limited time, Wonder-Shirts’ Downton Abbey totes and tees will proclaim your love for the Crawley family and their entourage. Thomas fans can wear his image with a cheeky “Trust Me” message under it, while those of us who are still upset about his uh, legal troubles can grab a “Free Bates” tote.

But my absolute favorite item is the tote that captures the Dowager Countess’s wry and oh-so-upper-class comment, “What’s a Weekend?” from Season 1. Oh, Violet, don’t leave us! Christina

Check out the Downton Abbey totes and tees from Wonder-Shirts and for a limited time, get them on sale at! Use our invitation link if you aren’t already a member.

And enjoy the show tonight. You know where we’ll be tonight at 9:30.