In my neck of the woods, it seems the snow is now here to stay. And with the cold, snowy weather comes the whining. And the complaining. And the putting-a-pair-of-mittens-on-your-toddler-sixteen-times because you know, he keeps pulling them off.

So I’m happy to see that CMP-fave mimiTENS has now created a new line just for babies and littler kids.

mimiTENS mittens with unicorns

MimiTENS stay on and the kids keep warm because these Canadian-made
mittens have a long, stretchy cuff that goes over a child’s arm, keeping
their mittens right where you want them. We Canadians know a thing or
two about keeping warm, after all. 

mimiTENS mittens for babies and kids

While I love the bright colors and trendy embroidered designs of the original big-kid mimiTENS (seriously, do you see those unicorns up at top?), it’s the tiny and sweet baby mittens that make my heart skip a beat. Made with supersoft bamboo and cotton, they’re as practical as they are beautiful. 

mimiTENS glow mittens

As far as other new styles, mimiTENS has just collaborated with Toronto street artist We Kill You to design some supercool glow-in-the-dark mittens that will knock your kids’ socks off.  But don’t worry. At least their mittens will stay right where you want them to. –Stephanie S.

Keep your kids’ hands warm and their mittens on with mimiTENS this winter.

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