Back when my now-tween was a babe, the one piece of equipment I dreaded using above almost anything else was her “portable” playpen. It weighed a ton, pinched my fingers every time I tried to assemble it, and just looked like a big ugly netted cage taking over whatever room in which it was placed.

journeyBee travel crib
So I am a wee bit jealous, and a whole lot excited, for you new parents who can spend the year traveling a lot lighter with this travel crib that is ready to pop up wherever you go.

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The journeyBee portable travel crib is such an improvement over what I had for my own babies. For one, it’s lightweight–under 12 pounds!– and easy to carry in its over-the-shoulder pouch. . . and it wouldn’t make me feel like a pack mule when I move it from the car to the hotel or grandma’s house.

Assembly is ridiculously easy as the crib just “pops up” without much manipulation from me at all. Once the removable pad is inserted into the bottom pouch, it’s ready to go in less time than it would’ve taken me to extract my daughter’s crib from it’s carrying case. And once it’s together it feels really sturdy, especially since I had my own not-toddlers pushing on it to test.
Thankfully, taking it down is not much harder—-and I am normally terrible at disassembly—and the entire crib slides right back into the carrying pouch without me needing to utter a single bad word. 

journeyBee travel crib
While I’m glad that there’s not a pastel teddy bear to be found, I’d love to see some more color options for those who aren’t crazy about polka-dots. But if you do like it, it’s pretty fun, and the black/silver is a sleek alternative.  One more thing to note: The journeyBee lies flat on the floor, so I preferred how it felt when placed on a carpet versus the hard floor as the mattress pad is pretty thin. 
But there are some very smart details, like a little built-in pocket on the side so
you can slip your iPhone inside to play lullaby music to your little
napper. I am also pleased to see that a lightweight fleece blanket is included which attaches safely to the bottom of the crib (if your baby is old enough to be using them), so you don’t have to remember to pack any additional bedding. Because we all know that traveling with a baby is challenging enough. –Christina
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Congratulations to Rachel H!  She won a portable travel crib from journeyBee.