Macarons are all the rage these days, and certainly not to be confused with those big coconut things that one eats at Passover and generally stay in your stomach until oh, June. The difference is, macarons are melt-in-your-mouth delicious French almond cookie sandwiches in gorgeous colors and exotic flavors.

Now that we’ve settled that, if you’re ready to try macarons (not macaroons) we’ve got the perfect way to do it, with a smaller size and a smaller price.

For ages I’ve been a crazy groupie of Richart, some of the best chocolate on the planet, all packaged with gift-ready perfection. Now they’ve added a gift box of 25 mini macarons to their selection, in flavors like dark chocolate, Arabica coffee, grapefruit rose, blood orange lemon, and salted caramel coulis. (Hold me!)

And yes, it might be exceptionally hard to give the box away to your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day. Maybe get two? Try them, then tell me you’ll ever confuse one for a macaroon again. Or even want a macaroon again.

Find mini macaron gift boxes (not macaroons) online at