The only thing cuter than adorable baby feet is adorable baby feet wearing sweet little baby booties. And if you’re planning some Valentine’s Day photo ops, we’ve got the shoes for you.

XO baby booties!

These lovely little Valentines Baby Booties from Good Wishes Quilts on Etsy are cozy and fleecy and ideal for keeping sweet baby feet cozy warm if they’re smaller than 6 months. Each pair is hand-made in red felt and hand-embroidered with a Valentine-appropriate X and 0, but you can also buy them with hearts or snowflakes. 

Once your baby’s outgrown them and moved on to big kid shoes, they’ll look fabulous on a shelf or hanging from the Christmas tree. Or if you’re pregnant and want a creative way to tell someone, I can’t help imagining how sweet it would be to receive a little pair of red baby booties filled with candy and a positive pregnancy test. 

I kind of miss kissing little feet. Not enough to get pregnant and buy a pair of booties, but still.-Delilah