Talk to the hand!
With both of our Cool Mom Tech editors at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas this past week, we’ve gotten some exciting sneak peeks at the coolest gadgets for 2013. Check out our favorite picks from the last week if you want to be in the know!

1. Talk to the hand. No, really. Just like James Bond.

2. Thinking of ditching your landline? This new hot gadget might make you change your mind.

3. Why was nail art one of the most popular booths at CES? You won’t believe what the next trend in manicures could be.

4. Hard to believe that such a small, cute gadget can do so much with your iOS device. And it’s great for kids who use tablets, too.

5. If you’re into fitness, this new must-have accessory could be a lifesaver.

BONUS: Don’t miss our salute to the top women at CES 2013. Who says there are no powerful women in tech?


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