As I continue to knock through my New Year’s resolutions, I decided it was high time to replace the scraggly looking bins sitting on my kitchen counter. You know, the ones full of mail, and chargers, and poker chips from 2004 (Oh, just me?).

In addition to the stylish home storage solutions we recently rounded up, I found one more great option, in these lovely, affordable finds from Etsy.

Felt organizational bins on Cool Mom Picks

Made by Fitzcraft,  I can think of a billion uses for their felt storage bin (above), like replacing that awful letter bin sitting on my counter. It’s such a prettier option, and with handy pockets too! 
Car Storage Felt Container | Fitzcraft
I also love the idea of a car storage container, instead of well, the floor and the seat pockets, which aren’t usually accessible when I’m driving and someone’s screaming for a book. Or, pop it into a tote to give yourself instant bag organization.
Felt Storage Bins | Fitzcraft
I’m also digging the shape of these felt storage bins, which come in three different sizes and could work anywhere from your desk to your family room, even displayed on a bookshelf to hide all your junk. Yes, I realize that sort of defeats the point, but hey, baby steps. -Kristen 

You can find these felt storage bins at Fitzcraft. Get free shipping with purchases over $100. 

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