Kids like pushing buttons. Kids like snacks. So it isn’t a big mystery when my kids drag me towards every vending machine they see. Fortunately one of our favorite healthy snack companies, Ella’s Kitchen, is doing something to make vending machines healthy too.

Ella's Kitchen vending machine

The new invention is a todder-sized vending machine, designed specifically to sell their healthier organic kids snacks like Nibbly Fingers and their classic smushed fruit and veggie blends. What’s especially cool is that it’s not only fun and colorful, it’s actually under 4-feet tall so kids could be more inclined to go for this one than those that sell the stuff we parents are always saying “no” to.

There’s only one, which debuted at a UK festival this past summer. So basicially I’m putting in a very loud, definitive vote right now for them to bring one (or more) to the US. Specifically in our neighborhood movie theater. If I had it my way. –Liz

Learn more about healthy foods for kids from Ella’s Kitchen on their website. 

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