It’s been a long time since I checked in with the Paris Print Shop (formerly known as Little Brown Pen), and with Valentine’s Day coming up, it reminded me to stop by their Etsy Shop and see what they’re up to. I’m so glad I did.

Valentine's gift: yellow heart photograph | Paris Print Shop

I think this yellow heart photograph
is just so lovely. Taken from graffiti on a Paris wall–the fact it’s
Paris just makes it more romantic, right?–it’s the kind of thing I
could convince my sigOth to mayyyybe hang on the wall, when red or pink
would never fly.

Paris photography collection in yellow | Paris Print Shop

you really love it, you can even buy it as a set with other Paris
photography sorted by color, in groups of four or nine as seen above, or
even as postcards. With so many gorgeous shots in so many gorgeous colors, I dare you to visit the shop and not wish for a trip to France for Valentine’s Day. –Liz

Visit the Paris Print Shop for gorgeous photography of Paris. Where else?

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