Imagination by Play Date

Still have your kids’ attention? Lucky you! That means there’s still time to fill their ears with music that will make your own indie-music-loving soul happy–before the siren song of Call Me Maybe has imprinted on their poor susceptible souls for life. So you’ll want to check out a new CD that is full of indie cred from the new label by Skankin’ Pickle’s Mike Park, but with lyrics for those who can’t stay up past 8pm. 

Fronted by Greg Attonito, singer in punk band Bouncing Souls, Play Date has him joining up with his wife Shanti Wintergate in their first release, Imagination

And while I expected to hear plenty of mosh-pit-worthy tracks, I found that some of our favorite songs were slower and more tender. Take the title song Imagination, with sweet lyrics like building castles in the sand / it’ll be so grand / if I can hold your hand (especially sweet with both Greg and Shanti’s voices blending gorgeously). Songs like Flat Stanley and Ayo are lovely and mellow as well–perfect for winding-down time or naps in the car (uh, them, not you).
Things get really fun, though, when they punch up the tempo. Anyone Can Sing reminds me of something from my 90s indie rock band favorite The Dambuilders. (I’m pretty sure I could trick even my older kids’ most music-phobic pals into thinking it was some hot new indie release.) 
And though I’m not sure kids still use the word (are we that old?), Rad is a pretty cool tune too, celebrating kids and all the things they like to do for fun. But don’t worry, this rocker doesn’t celebrate anything too messy. Thank goodness. –Christina
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