Open This Little Book
I love the fact that my kids can carry around dozens of their favorite books on one compact tablet instead of lugging around a giant backpack. But, we still find it so satisfying to snuggle on the couch and share an actual storybook together, with pages to turn and no screen to tap for “special effects.” So check out this new picture book that is such a fun page-turner, I think it’ll make kids really appreciate how cool a paper book can be.

Open This Little Book by Jesse Klausmeier isn’t just one book, but actually a bunch of little books that kids will discover with each flip of the page. Stitched right into the binding, kids will find the start of a new book with titles like Little Red Book and Little Yellow Book.

The story itself isn’t exactly a cliff hanger, but it does keep things moving along and is simple enough that beginner readers will want to take a turn reading aloud on their own too. 

And I adore the sweet, vintage illustrations that cover the pages with smiling cartoon animals. They remind me of those old Golden book stories I used to read with my mom. And, perhaps coincidentally, my copy really smells like a paper book, which gives me the warm fuzzies for it in spades. You just can’t get any of that from a tablet. And I suppose that’s the point. –Christina

You will find Open This Little Book from our affiliate Amazon.

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